1. Mortgage Appraisals
    A majority of of our appraisals are completed for our mortgage clients. When properties are sold, the buyers often need appraisals for mortgage purposes. We provide appraisals for mortgage lenders and banks for sales transactions as well as refinance transactions.
  2. Comparative Market Analysis
    Often referred to as "CMA," this is a quick search of the surrounding market. We will provide a quick list of all the sales in the market area to give our clients an idea of what is selling in the area. This is not considered an appraisal of your property.
  3. Property Measurments
    When your thinking of listing your home, it is important to be sure that your marketing the proper square footage of your home. Often the local tax database reports incorrect square footage. We have helped realtors and homeowners get top dollar for their listings by providing support for accurate square footage of homes.
  4. Legal Appraisals
    We can provide appraisals for a variety of legal purposes. Estate planning, divorce, disputes and law suits. We have helped attorneys and homeowners find actual market values for properties and settle legal disputes.
  5. Property Tax Appraisals
    If you don't agree with your tax valuation set by the local assessor, you can hire us to argue the current market value of your home. We have helped homeowners save on their taxes by performing an in depth opinion of market value on their homes.
  6. Pre Listing Appraisals
    If your thinking of selling your home hiring an appraiser to perform an appraisal can save you thousands of dollars. Pricing your property correctly from the beginning is of the utmost importance when you list your home for sale. When you hire us to perform a current market value appraisal, you can be confident your listing your home in the right price range.
From our origins in St Louis, we have grown and now perform appraisals in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa & Florida. Throughout this growth, we have maintained our commitment to helping our clients find fast reliable appraisal services for reasonable and consistent pricing Our approach is to understand your appraisal needs and deliver a service that you can rely on. We believe this provides our clients valuable insight and reliability not often found in the appraisal industry. 
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